The Original RAW-DOCK



The Original RAW-DOCK was designed to lend a hand when applying RAW to hard to reach areas of the body. The RAW-DOCK’s innovative structure is the 1st and only of its kind!  This new tool allows you to apply 3oz RAW Heat and Ice roll-ons to hard to reach areas of the body, without help from a spouse, family member, or friend.

Now you can experience the luxury of convenience and privacy that the RAW-DOCK delivers.  Exclusively used with the Backnobber II, the RAW-DOCK is a must have for unassisted and truly hands free application.

Order the RAW-DOCK now for only $9.95 and get acquainted with an innovative way to perform and recover through Natural Muscle Care!

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The Original RAW-DOCK 3oz RAW Roll-on Set The Original Backnobber II


$29.98  *FREE Shipping



Natural Muscle-Care Kit



$82.87 Value & FREE Knobble II (Pictured Below) included with every order!





RAW-DOCK + 3oz Roll-on Set Backnobber II + 3oz Roll-on Set



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